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New book

Check out my new book, "The future as one" (French only).

Mother Earth's final push

Get the English version of my book: "Mother Earth's final push" (Kindle e-book or paperback).

Unity Assetstore

Check out my random/interactive music scripts and compositions for Unity!

Book launch

Watch me present the english version of my book: "Mother Earth's final push". 

Read my latest articles

How will AI reshape our societies? How is the financial and economic system supposed to evolve?  What's in store for the future?

New children's book

Check out my new children's book: "The Being and the little souls". 

Listen to my latest composition

Listen to my latest symphonic composition, and watch me compose it live!


Martin Schmalzried

A Bit About Me

Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Martin Schmalzried, a multidimensional human, like many of us. For a time, I have kept my different activities separated, hiding behind pseudonyms to avoid confusion. But at one point, it's good to bring all of your different human facets together, to become whole again. This website is about sharing all of the research, projects and activities I'm working on.

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