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After harassing my friends with all my weird ideas, one friend told me: "You should write a book!" And so I did, and then after writing a book, I had inspiration for other books, and so the adventure began. One thing is for sure, my friends are very happy that I started writing, as I can now resist the urge to drown them with my ideas. 

The future as one (in French only)

As the climate deteriorates, eco-anxiety is rising everywhere. How can one remain confident in the future when the climate apocalypse seems near? Perhaps our only option is to change our worldview. 



Mother Earth's final push - The story of humanity's gestation (french)

Humanity is facing a great number of challenges: climate change, financial crisis, the coronavirus, artificial intelligence,... But what if these problems had a deeper meaning? Imagine if each human was but a cell in a collective global organism. Then undoubtedly, Earth is in labor, and humanity is a baby about to be born. 



The Being and the little souls

Once upon a time, there was a Being so big that He enfolded everything.

One day, this Being wondered what it would be like to be something other than everything: to be just a planet, just a flower or just chocolate. 

So he created little souls to help him experience all those things.



Character_Study_1 copy.jpg

Ellyn and the colorful world

Ellyn is a very curious little girl. Growing up in her hometown of Scientis, her deepest desire is to discover other cities, other cultures. 

Throughout her journey, Ellyn goes from surprise to surprise. Her journey has transformed her to the point where she is no longer sure of anything. Little does she know that all these adventures will reveal to her an unsuspected wisdom. 


(Soon to be published in French)

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