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Spiritual thinker

The Universe is often described as a mechanical machine, ticking away like clockwork. There is no meaning, no purpose, there is just happenstance existence. We are here due to pure chance, luck, a big cosmic hazard. Such a vision lays the foundations for humanity's loss of meaning, depression and apathy. Why bother? After all, we're just meaningless insignificant beings inhabiting a speck of dust in a gargantuous Universe. "After I'm gone, let come what may." And yet, there always was something resisting the idea that we are but highly sophisticated biological machines, made up of tiny individual mechanical parts we call cells, all pre-programmed and unintelligent. There had to be something more. To cram my experience of life, of being alive, conscious, aware, feeling, tasting, touching, living, into the tiny materialist science box felt like a deep insult to the very core of my being, to my soul. Here below, you'll find links to my spiritual writing, which explores much deeper philosophical and existential questions about humanity, the Universe, and beyond.

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On this website, you'll find my older spiritual writing, going back to my spiritual awakening in January 2018. You will be able to follow my train of thought, as I was trying to make sense of what I had been through.

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On this website, you'll find my consultancy service, where you can hire me for an inspiring speech on various topics, but dealing with a central theme: putting humanity's story in a broader perspective, and understanding the paradigm shift we are undergoing in the present time.

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Check out my YouTube channel, where you will find my "Spiritual Brainstorm" series, exploring a new way to look at reality, life, the Universe and everything.


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The Corny Universe

Hi! I'm Corny, nice to meet you! Since humanity is facing so many problems and challenges, I thought I would step out of my corn field and help you a little bit. Come and follow me down the rabbit hole, and see just how far down it goes. Buckle your seat belts 'cause Corny is going to BLOW - YOUR - MIND!!!

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