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Marma Music

Freelance professional composer

I started composing electronic music at the age of 18 with Fruityloops (now FL Studio). 


Initially, I started composing electronic music/techno but soon got bored with the 4/4 rythms and limited opportunities to develop themes and melodies.


I then turned to classical music and started to learn to play the piano.  Since then, I compose on FL Studio using sound libraries such as EastWest's Platinum/Hollywood Orchestra and the Spitfire Orchestral collection. 


My biggest sources of inspiration are great classical music composers: the obvious Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms... and also Dvorak, Martinu, Stravinsky, Holst, Saint-Saens, Grieg, Prokofiev, Shostakovich and many more.

I have never formally taken any classes in composition.  I mostly learned by myself, by example from other composers and by feel.


Official website

Visit my official website! You will find all my latest compositions, free downloads, resources for composers, scores, demos of my interactive video games music tracks, videos, live composition, and much more!


Video game music composer

Over the years, I have specialized myself in composing interactive and randomly generated video games music in a great variety of styles including 8bit/chiptune, electro, classical, rock... I also published a lot of music packs on the Unity Asset Store. For more information, visit my website here: 


I have first learned to play the piano, then went on to learn the cello and guitar. I have played in amateur orchestras, and love to jam with friends. Although I'm not cut out to be a performer, I still greatly enjoy playing my instruments!


Classical music composer

I also compose music for music's sake. Check out my Youtube channel where you can listen to my latest compositions. 

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